Tricks to Make a Delicious Clear Chicken Soup

Not just boil chicken meat. Making chicken soup needs a little trick so that savory broth and clear. Talking about chicken cooking dishes is endless. In addition to all parts of his body we can use for everyday life, chicken meat can also easily we create a recipe of delicious cuisine, delicious and delicious. One of the popular chicken recipes and liked by everyone is the delicious chicken soup recipe. Yes, with the seasoning of chicken soup is quite simple taken from the daily spice created a recipe of Indonesian cuisine is cheap but enough to have the nutrients needed by our bodies. In addition to the spice soup is easily available at sellers of vegetables around, how to make chicken soup is also easy to follow even by friends who may be unusual and not a hobby cook though. The content of nutrients and vitamins in soup vegetables is also quite a lot so it is very useful for the health of the body daily. As information, you can also make delicious oxtail soup recipe with these trick.

Chicken vegetable soup recipe is in addition tastes good and delicious it can also be used as medicine lho, especially when we are attacked by flu. Especially when our nose again clogged, steam chicken soup is still in a state of hot and contain a lot of chicken broth that if we breathe can launch the nose again clogged. There is even a study in the United States there that reveals that the content of spices and amino acids are very useful for people who suffer from diseases associated with the respiratory tract and bronchitis. Nutritional content, vitamins and other fats are also quite a lot so it is perfect to restore the freshness of the body when we again drop or weakened our body condition.

As well as how to make a chisel soup that we have given a few days yesterday, chicken recipe recipe delicious with this vegetable also contains a lot of broth so it tastes good, savory and fresh. Especially when eaten while still hot, from the aroma that comes out from the steam of chicken soup his vegetables had been wondering how the delicacy of chicken soup. In addition to warm rice and a little hot spicy, one variation of this chicken recipe is also delicious to enjoy its vegetables only. Moreover, children who are usually hard to eat vegetables, broth and soup from this soup recipe already contain lots of vitamins and nutrients from vegetables boiled together with other materials so that the nutritional needs of children a little fulfilled.

The delicacy of the soup lies on the calf. In addition, the process of boiling vegetables should also be fitted to remain crunchy. Not used to cooking? Try to follow this trick so your delicious soup is delicious!

  1. Broth

Sauce is produced from chicken meat. For a delicious taste delicious, you should use a chicken. Wash and clean the chicken from the blood and dirt.

Boil water in a pan and then insert chicken pieces. Add 1 spring onion, 1/2 grain of onion, 1 celery stick and 1 carrot fruit. Cook over low heat until tender chicken.

The use of low heat can help produce soup with clear, not cloudy soup.

  1. Take chicken meat

Once cooked, take chicken meat and set aside the bone. Put the bone into the broth and boil it back with a small fire for 1 hour. Lift and strain the broth.

  1. Spices

To make soup, you simply saute the onion and garlic until fragrant and put in broth sauce. Add pepper, salt and a little sugar.

  1. Cooking process

After spices, re-enter the chicken meat that has been cut into pieces. Add vegetables such as carrots, beans and potatoes. In addition to vegetables, macaroni is also delicious combined with soup.

Serve the soup with a sprinkling of fried onions and sliced ​​leeks to make it more.