The True Power and Scent of a Woman

Science shows us that scent is the most powerful memory trigger of all the senses. That is why bath and body products, perfumes and candles can create such an impact on the wearer and the environment around them. The fragrance that one is drawn to is able to exude an incredible range of emotions and feelings; from desire to power, vitality to relaxation, the possibilities seem endless. The scents we use help define us as individuals.

Personal scented body products like invigorating scrubs, foaming bath gel and all those beautiful smelling creams, lotions and powders actually promote other wonderful benefits. Just taking a relaxing bath will loosen muscles, help you de-stress, sharpen your brain power, allow you to sleep more soundly, etc.

Fragrance is so important to one’s persona that it is often included as a fashion accessory. One’s unique style is more than the shoes they choose, the garments they wear, the jewelry they put on and the bag they carry. Your scent is a key asset that completes the package from head-to-toe. That is why top designers often create a collection of perfumes, colognes and bath products to go with the clothing they sell. They are creating an essence that reminds one of their brand.

Think Chanel, Calvin Klein or Tom Ford. Mr. Ford has created both cosmetics and fragrance to match his elite clientele who purchase his clothing. He put it this way:

“Beauty is approached the same way we do with fashion – we make luxury products.”

Some women collect multiple fragrances and enjoy the attraction and lure of different scents. There are personal aroma products for daytime, nighttime, the office, school, vacation, etc. There are also others who prefer to wear a signature scent and do so for forty years or more.

The power of scent is highly personal, and that is why trying to buy someone you don’t know well a bottle of perfume or body lotion is truly a gamble. We all use our sense of smell, but we all smell things differently. Each of us has hundreds of different scent receptors in our DNA and a unique manner in how our amino acids are lined up.

When it comes to romance, our natural scent and choice of fragrance can lure a potential mate to us. The scientific studies have been done and reveal that pleasant aromas can actually stimulate parts of the brain directly connected to sexual desire. So a man can be totally attracted to you, but even the smell of your bath and body products can enhance feelings and emotions and subtly seduce him. Aromatic botanical ingredients like shea butter cream, green tea extract, marigold flower extract and acai fruit extract can all create the perfect sensuous punch.

Fragrance in all its different beauty forms is powerful to each individual. The way we smell is both complicated and impressive, and it makes up a key portion of who we are as unique soles. The nose really knows.