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Hats (and gloves) had been essential to a good look for both men and women. To go bareheaded was merely not correct. The highest hat, for instance, was standard formal wear for upper- and center-class males. 7 For women, the kinds of hats modified over time and were designed to match their outfits.

Next is the tie. Most gentlemen put on a necktie, but a bow tie is at all times an incredible choice. Should you by no means put on bows, try it out and you may prefer it. Because the official type for the Kentucky Derby, vineyardvines offers an assortment of Derby-themed ties and bowties that can make each man look dapper and distinguished.

Within the seated sections of Churchill Downs, you will see that hats of class and magnificence. Generally speaking, girls put on large-brimmed, Southern Belle” inspired Kentucky Derby hats. The hats could be decorated with flowers, feathers, bows and ribbons of any color to express creativity and individuality.

The complexity of these etiquette guidelines extends to specific mourning intervals and apparel for siblings, step-mother and father, aunts and uncles distinguished by blood and by marriage, nieces, nephews, first and second cousins, kids, infants, and “connections” (who have been entitled to atypical mourning for a interval of “1-3 weeks, depending on level of intimacy”). Men have been expected to put on mourning black to a lesser extent than girls, and for a shorter mourning interval. After the mid-19th century, men would put on a black hatband and black swimsuit, but for only half the prescribed interval of mourning expected of women. Widowers have been expected to mourn for a mere three months, whereas the correct mourning interval expected for widows was as much as four years. 18 Ladies who mourned in black for longer intervals were accorded nice respect in public for their devotion to the departed, the most prominent instance being Queen Victoria herself.