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Masonic Rings: What You Don’t Probably Know About Freemasonry

In the contrary, freemasonry are not what popularly known as a “secret society”. Freemasonry is a fraternity group with few secrets such as passwords and handshakes so they can identify each other. For many years freemasonry brought a social stigma being some kind of a dark society bent and influenced on world domination, but the truth is freemasonry is just simply a fraternal brotherhood or order, insisting faith or living with true God, hope or achieving eternal salvation through God, and charity in its members. The masonic ring is a sign of being a member of freemasonry, so much like emblems or stickers found in automobiles.

Being a member of freemason fraternity doesn’t automatically mean possessing all the admirable qualities to look for in a man. So keep in mind that not all good men are freemasons, and not all freemasons are good men. The fact that a freemason chooses to wear his masonic ring, probably shows he makes a conscious effort and decision to do his best to apply all the commendable virtues and qualities of freemasonry. On the internet “masonic ring finger” crops up in few web places, but in the contrary, there are no rules wearing masonic ring on a special finger, so freemasons are given the freedom to wear their masonic rings on their little finger, ring finger or middle finger. Many are asking about the meaning for masonic rings. There is no deeper meaning for wearing a masonic ring, it is just simply a reminder to the wearer, and a sign that the wearer has a good reputation and is always willing to help people. Unfortunately, masonic rings are widely sold online and some people take advantage and wear them even if they aren’t members to be credited and treated what they believe are specially given to freemasons. With this being said, it is not really fair accusing masons as belonging to a secret society, because there are fake people or pretenders out there trying to ruin the reputation of freemasonry.

Being a true mason is proving that you’re a man of good standing, setting a high standard for yourself to live up and wearing that ring if you choose to do so. Masonic rings are regarded as purely visual signs, not possessing any masonic secret, which serves as a seal of authenticity within the brotherhood. The most common symbols found upon the face of masonic rings are square and compasses, and the two triangles, one pointing upward symbolizing the heavens or our Creator, and one pointing downward, representing the earth and men.