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Prolonging the Life of Your Smartphone to Keep it from the Scrap Heap

Truth be told, most people all over the world have smartphones. In fact, 75 percent of people in American have one. Since people can’t do without phones, this is expected to grow in the next few years. Phones are no longer just used for texting and calling. Now, they are regarded as mini computers that you can have all the time. It is also a fact that lives have been made easier because of them. Everything you need is neatly packaged in them.

The relationship people have with smartphones however, is not exactly perfect. Some people still think that the phone before were better than the ones in the present. The common reason is because the old ones are very durable. They would even ring underwater if you drop in it a tub. Some of them are still around and that just goes to show you how strong these phones are. The same story however, cannot be told for smartphones.

Comparing the new and old phones would even be an injustice. Smartphones are more capable than old phones after all. When it comes to durability however, smartphones don’t even come close to the old ones. Drop a smartphone and the screen will look like a spider web net. The phone snaps if you sit on it. Their life span is also incredibly short. They can basically do only about 21 months before you need to replace them.

Most people would replace their phones before they are even destroyed. When things start running slow, people would usually start looking for replacements. This is why many manufacturers also don’t make them as durable as things were before. You will find that this is not actually doing the economy any good. You will find many reasons for this. In order to avoid this, you just need to make sure that your phone reaches an old age.

Among the things you need to do are the following. You will need a cell phone cover first. This is one of the best ways to protect your phone if you happen to drop it. You will find many options on the internet with this. If you can get something that can protect the screen, go for it. The most fragile part of a phone is the screen. There are many options for this. Rubber versions are considered to be among the best in this.

Among the things the reasons why your phone is slowing down is because of the amount of things you store in it. This can easily be solved by a better memory card. Making use of other storage method is also a good alternative.