I Am Going to Be Home for the Wedding

Of course with Ted it is just as likely that I shall be there by the time that he busts it up with this girl. You would think that he would be getting better after so many wives, but that does not seem like a real hope at this point. At any rate things have gone well for me I just finished designing something called a casino siteleri, which is the first gambling site that I have ever done. In fact I just made a good deal of the parts which have the more ordinary parts of it. The rest of it was already done in modules that the client provided. Someone else had made them, but I think that they had ended up in some sort of dispute. I did not trust these guys to be honest and so I managed to fix it so that they were going to pay me before they got the site delivered to them. They did not like it, but they seemed to realize that I was not going to play games with them.

At any rate I have been busy and I am quite happy with the girl that I hired to help with marketing. She has been able to do just the perfect amount of promotion, since obviously if she were too good then I would need to hire someone to help me. As it is I have been relieved of the burden of all of the stuff that I do not much enjoy doing, instead I am actually producing the work that we get paid to do. The problem is that I probably can not afford to keep the girl and I have to decide whether or not we are going to expand or not. I like it all as simple as it is now, but that may be impractical.