How To Love A Woman And Make Your Relationship Last

Many men think they know how to love a woman, but the fact that most relationships do not last six months nowadays shows otherwise. What a man and a woman calls ‘love’ are two completely different standpoints. A woman constantly needs reassurance of love. Many men, however, still act like they are cavemen. Bluntly put, they are excited about the chase, and they will do anything to win the girl. Once they achieve that dignified goal, the desire and love slowly begin to fade. Here are some tips on how to get the woman of your dreams, and if she’s already by your side, how to maintain that same loving relationship.

This may sound extremely straightforward, but do tell you love her. Tell her when she least expects it, but not too often. Otherwise your words carry no significance. A sign that you are not telling her enough, is when she asks you, “Do you love me?”The reason why she is asking is because she is beginning to be unsure whether you still do. Write it on her mirror, leave her a note, text her, just tell her.

When you were first courting or chasing the girl of your dreams, you loved everything about her. Now that you finally have her, you began to see her flaws and bad habits exposed. Stop critiquing your girl about her short comings, and love her for who she truly is. Your partner may be sexy, intelligent and even generous, but that isn’t why you love her. You love her for all of what she is. Tell you think she is beautiful once in a while, and watch her eyes light up.

If you want to make your relationship last, you must live for the moment. That goes to say, do not dwell on the past. Do not bring up about her ex-boyfriends, ex-lovers or the times you remembered when your girl was less than faithful. If you are committed to being in a relationship, you need to stop looking in the rear view mirror, and drive forward. The easiest way to kill your relationship is to berate her over things that happened in the past. Let it go, or you will be soon letting her go.

If you want your girl to love you, then start by loving yourself. Not in the sense that you ramble on and on about yourself every time you go on a date. Love yourself by taking care of your wellbeing, your health and being on the safe lifestyle. If you love yourself, you will receive love in return. If you are able to keep positive by telling yourself confident words and loving the person you are, then only you are capable of expressing that same love to the woman you care. To that woman, you are her life and your pain or suffering is also felt by her. Which is why, if you are able to care for yourself, you are also indirectly loving her in return.

Do you find yourself often saying that your wife or girlfriend doesn’t understand you? Want to know what that saying truly meant about you? It is You who do not understand her. If you want your relationship to grow, there should be mutual understanding. You should take the first step to get to know her better. Her likes and dislikes favorite food and things, hobbies and pets. Just take a keen interest in her and watch the magic happen itself. She will see that you are really interested in her all round and not just her body. She will see you in a whole new light.

Pay attention to her, because if you don’t, the guy next door will. Did you know that many of the unlikely habits your girl has, that you begin to get annoyed, are just her way of trying to get your attention? Woman love attention, it is exceedingly easy to overlook this if you aren’t aware of it. You begin brushing off her hovering, when in reality they are attempts to get you to come closer to her. You do not have to be a puppy on a lease for her; just give her some unexpected attention. Tell her that her shoes look stunning, say that her hair looks lovely, ask her how her day was, and pay attention when she talks to you.

One final tip is to never go to bed angry. This takes practice if you are quite the hot-tempered. If you do not control your rage, your fights will become more frequent and eventually end in a breakup. If you have a fight, leave the scene to cool off. Staying longer in the scene will aggravate the argument further. Then, before going to bed, approach her and tell you are sorry and do not like to be fighting. Agreeing to disagree and sleep with her on the same bed that night. You both need to be grateful for the time that bonds you together every day. Show that you love her, though not explicitly. You will build a strong unit that will last a long time.