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Requirements for Becoming a Free Mason

Becoming a free mason is one the best decision one can ever make as history has it that various great leaders chose this path. One of the values involved in freemasonry is learning. It is advisable to have some knowledge about freemasonry before making any visits to a lodge. There are certain myths that one need to do away with before becoming a free mason.

Many people are familiar with a lot of myths about freemasonry than the real facts. It is a belief that masonic swords are remains from a long time ago. In the past, a man was expected to at least carry a sword in order to be recognized as a gentleman. They were said to be not fully dressed without having a sword. The swords enhanced a great sense of fashion and symbolized certain things in the past. Nowadays, swords do not stand for anything or worn for fashion purposes.

Therefore, there are no secrets in the use of masonic swords as you can purchase one anytime you feel like you need it. To prove this, freemasonry has created its own twitter feed, websites and even a face book page to enable people to access information they would like to know about freemasonry. One can find local lodges in the freemasonry sites. To become a member and fully enjoy freemasonry, you have to do away with the freemason myths.

To become a free mason; you have to qualify to be one. Your character among your peers should be reputable for you to become a member. Believing in a supreme being regardless of your religion is one of the requirements to become a member of the freemasonry. However, these requirements may not apply in some places. For instance, some freemasonry fraternities may consider women, have a different age requirement or even accept people who do not believe in any supreme being.

One can only enter a lodge after meeting all the requirements. All the people who have qualified to enter a lodge must get tested. Attaining a degree in Fellow Craft act as the pass mark of tests in the lodge. To become the actual master mason, you have to pass all the three tests. The duration taken in doing the three tests is 8 months.

A question that its answer is yet to be found is why so many men are the ones joining freemasonry. Following the main mission of the freemasonry of providing for the needy, these men join the freemasonry to ensure that the mission is achieved. Freemasonry’s core values are love, solidarity and equality. It is very difficult to find a fraternal companionship apart from your workmates. Members of freemasonry share along lasting friendship among them.