4 Signs that you badly need help of a marriage counselor – Take immediate action

4 Signs that you badly need help of a marriage counselor – Take immediate actionWe all dream of a fairytale marriage and when we get married, we believe that we’re all set to enter that fairytale marriage that we’ve always dreamt of. You meet your ‘Prince charming’ or your ‘sweetheart’ and you have an extremely interesting period of courtship, you get married and then wish to live happily ever after. But there’s something that these fairytales won’t tell you and that is relationships always don’t work. Often we don’t step into a relationship with the different tools that are required to handle the challenges of a marriage and this is when the odds come in.

Although there are online marriage counselors who can help you with the best possible relationship advice, yet it is better to know when you should seek help of a pro. Here is a guide on the signs that will prompt you to seek help of an online marriage counselor as soon as possible.

  • When you both are not speaking with each other

To tell you the truth, there are several kinds of relationship challenges which are simply called the challenges in communication. During such situations, it is a therapist who can facilitate the new ways in which you can communicate with one another. Once this mutual communication has reduced, it is usually tough to get going to the proper direction. This is when you should get help.

  • Whenever you talk, the topic is always ‘Negative’

If you always engage in negative communication, this will make one partner feel shamed, judged, disregarded and insecure. The tone in which you speak also plays a vital role in making a conversation negative or positive. If you tend to engage too much into negative communication, this can transform into emotional abuse and also non-verbal communication.

  • When you tend to feel that your partner is your antagonist

Remember that in a nuptial relationship, both you and your partner are not adversaries; rather you both are dwelling on the same team. If it starts feeling that you both are on opponent sides, it’s high time you seek help of a professional marriage counselor.

  • When you’re scared to talk to each other

Do you feel too frightened to even bring up issues? The topic can be anything from money to sex or even on the smaller habits which are then blown out of proportion. It is the job of the therapist to assist a couple in becoming clear on the issues and assist them in understanding what they’re speaking about.

Therefore, if you’re facing any of the above mentioned situations, you should go and talk to an online marriage counselor who can help you with the best advice.