3 easy ingredients to overcome sweat in baby

Appearing Biang sweat neck, underarms, scalp or groin, upper chest, head, forehead, back, abdomen, or other baby skin folds?
Prickly heat may result from damp and hot weather or if Small fever. In addition, it could also be due to the pores of the baby’s skin is blocked and sweat can not get out. Infants and children are particularly susceptible to prickly heat because their skin pores are smaller than the pores of adults and the sweat glands and ducts are not yet fully developed.
Most sweat puds can heal and disappear on their own within a few days (unless infectious prickly infections). However, the mother can also reduce the itching and discomfort experienced by the baby due to prickly heat. Here are how to safely cope with prickly heat in infant that you can applies :

1. Aloe Vera
For babies, aloe vera can be a safe solution to cure the prickly heat because the aloe vera itself is a natural ingredient or herbal remedy where it is great for solving skin problems. Not only useful as a moisturizer or skin moisturizer and support hair fertility, gel or extract is very capable of providing comfort to our babies who have problems with prickly heat.
All forms of skin problems, including itching due to prickly heat and rash followed by pain will also be solved by aloe vera. Apply to the baby’s skin where the rash and itching are on a regular basis to obtain maximum results where the prickly heat will fade faster. That way your baby will not be easy fuss again, especially the cool effects of the gel will make our baby feel calm.

2. Krokot Leaves 
This leaves may not be as popular as aloe vera, but in addition to being a natural way to get rid of boils, the purslane that has the latin name Portulaca oleracea Linn offers high benefits for people with skin problems and itching, including prickly heat. These wild-growing plants have small, rather thick leaves where the water contained in them is considerable. Often, these purslane plants through the cooking process as a vegetable dish in a certain area; the shape of the dish looks like lalapan boiled.
Although like lalapan poached, this dish should still be mixed with soy sauce and chili sauce, then after that can be enjoyed to your heart’s content. Especially for the treatment of prickly heat, the little can be given water potion from this purslane leaves. The trick is not difficult, just by preparing a handful of leaves and boiled together water 3 cups, water can wait until boiling and remaining up to 1.5 cups. Wait for the cold first so that the baby is not too hot later; after it is confirmed to be cold, then the water can be drunk to our baby slowly for treatment from within.

3. Kanji
Other materials that are believed to be powerful and super effective in dealing with itching and rash are kanji, not to mention the problem of prickly heat. Kanji is often referred to as the term tapioca flour has a cool nature so it would be very comfortable when applied to the baby’s skin is exposed to rash due to prickly heat. The function of this kanji is to make the feel of heat felt in the skin can be reduced more quickly.
How to use it is quite simple because we only need to bathe the little one first then continued by drying his body until completely dry. Only then can kanji starch be mixed into water and this mixture is smeared onto the itchy skin. It is also advisable that your child’s skin should be furthest away from the sweat when the kanji has been applied because the kanji can wear off and reduce the effect.